Better CX: The Need for Screen-Recording Platforms

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Better CX: The Need for Screen-Recording Platforms

The times have changed & customer experience (CX) is a major source of income and growth for businesses around the world. As the discipline has increased in relevance and legitimacy, so has the number of people working in it. At family dinners, CX is no longer relegated to the kids’ table; it has taken its proper place at the head of the table. Customers have high expectations, and businesses understand the value of investing in CX. Here are some interesting statistics that will boost your excitement for CX.

CX is growing, and there has been a scope of evolution for CX platforms in the market. Salesforce, Oracle, ServiceNOW, Zoho, Zendesk, etc., are a few of the top customer experience platforms leading in the business.

Need for Recording for Better CX

Recording has traditionally been a popular tactic for businesses to detect performance issues, find hidden opportunities, and improve customer experiences. With too many CX platforms in the market, we shouldn’t look for tight integration but rather a platform that can be integrated easily with any CX platform.

As your business and resulting conversations grow, it becomes increasingly challenging to capture the valuable nuggets of wisdom from every individual customer call/training/demo/chat session. Screen recording with audio and video helps businesses improve their efficiency and provide better CX.

Personalization of the product integration is also important — the need for personalized logos, colors, text, and easy integration into other products, services, and solutions should be possible. Recording and product integration with efficient and easier integration makes businesses strive towards better CX and addressing improvements to the company.

Screen Recording: Some Use Cases on Industry-Leading CX Platforms

With CX at the helm of all businesses, there’s a solid need to screen record your customer support and experience teams. Here are some use cases that will help your business be successful in having a better and futuristic CX.

  • Use Case 1: Oracle Service Cloud Live Chat Session with Co-Browse: The agent can accept a Live Chat request from an existing or potential customer and start recording (auto/manual). A co-browse session can be initiated, and recorded details saved into the service request. All the recordings will be made available during the incident.
  • Use Case 2: Oracle CPQ Cloud Employee Training Sessions:Trainees can log into the system, navigate to opportunity and create a new session to start recording. Complete opportunity fields, save and close the opportunity. A downloadable link of the recording will be available on the opportunity for the manager to review the session of the trainee. These videos could be made available to download for other training purposes.
  • Use Case 3: Salesforce Service Representative: Representatives can log into the service system and navigate the home page to create a new case. Add a record and automatically start to record the session. A downloadable link can be made available under the related tabs of the case.

ReQorder from UnfoldLabs: An Intro

ReQorder is an innovative screen-recording software platform that allows users to record virtually anything: co-browsing, demos, presentations, training, or even chat sessions. ReQorder is an adaptable solution for screen recording, providing an API-driven platform that can be easily integrated into any platform or other existing products/solutions. It is agnostic; all recordings can be placed in secure storage of the user’s choice (cloud or on-premise) and supports a flexible integration model.

Many screen recording products are available today, but ReQorder stands out among all other products as it is a platform that can be easily integrated into any solution. The following are some of the features of ReQorder.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Since it’s all API driven, it can be easily personalized to the existing solution (color/theme)
  • Secure Authentication: Can be integrated into any of your existing authentication modules.
  • Record Audio & Video: Multiple kinds of recording are available.
  • Storage & Password Protection of Recordings: Can be stored on the cloud or on-premise based on your requirements; recordings can be password protected for security reasons.
  • Storage Option: AWS, OCI, or On-Premise; API driven and hence can be stored at locations based on your choice/requirements.
  • Thumbnail & List View: Recordings can be viewed online on thumbnails or list views.
  • Customizable Reporting Interface: A good reporting interface and APIs are also provided if you want to get them integrated into your product/solution of choice.
  • User Management & Role-Based Access: Better, futuristic user management module allows role-based access. Can set up manager/admin to review recordings by an employee, etc.
  • Language Translation Facility (English & Japanese)
  • Concurrent Users: Multiple people use the system, recording and viewing simultaneously.
  • Pre-Built Integrations: Oracle Sales & Service Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle CPQ Cloud & Salesforce; pre-built integrations available on industry-leading CX platforms.

ReQorder Highlights & Features

Record Videos

Record videos (audio, video, and screen) virtually and share them with your customers/employees/ students. ReQorder makes recording co-browsing, demos, training, presentations, and chat sessions faster and easier.

Video Library

Save screen recordings to your video library and upload videos to a storage of your choice. Easy one-click start, pause, stop and save options available. ReQorder web portal helps you view historical recordings and adjust your business workflows and training to improve performance for your end-users.

Customer Experience

Customers will be able to customize their user interfaces and capabilities, providing a personalized branding experience.

Advantages of ReQorder — Screen Recording Platform

  • Easy Integration to CX Products
  • Cloud & On-Premise Storage Options
  • Seamless & Quick Integration
  • Online Dashboard for Recordings & Reports
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Easy to Use Screen Recorder
  • Compliance Regulatory & Training
  • Personalized Branding & Themes: Hyper individualization possible
  • Concurrent User Logins
  • Secure Cloud Services
  • Flexible Business Model
  • Low-Cost Implementation

Future of CX & Screen Recorders

The demand for more relevant, personal experiences is increasing day-by-day, and a great customer experience begins with the right customer service team. Better training for business teams helps improve customer experience.

The future of CX is to refocus businesses on customer value. There are many factors to consider for customers to gain customer value and trust. It’s expected that screen recording will flourish for years to come as people need digital experiences. In-person product demos, training, etc., have taken a back step pushing online and digital needs forward. Recorded video sessions help people with legal issues as they may need to know what was spoken and how. Complemented with screen recording technology, agents can have role-based access to automated or one-click Screen Recording. The future of CX is interlinked with screen recording for better customer experiences.

Screen recorders of the future will need to enhance their features with core technologies like voice, natural language processing, computer vision, and AI. This technology area will flourish for years to come as CX drives business success.

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