The Evolving Role for Security in Technology

Ethical Hacking — An Intro

Near Term Security Threats

Social Hacking


IoT Devices & IoT Botnets

Improperly Secured Cloud Technologies

Attacks on Satellites

Top Trends in Ethical Hacking — Happening NOW!!

Cyber Education — IoT Attacks are only going to Increase!

Process Automation — To Reduce Attacks by Analysis!

AI, the Next Front — for Attacks and Counter Attacks!

The Low Hanging Fruit for Hackers — Increased Attacks on SMBs & Individuals

Ethical Hacking — Standards

Final Thoughts

Welcome to the new world of security — Options and Opportunities!

Innovative Technology Product/Services company. Makers of cool next-gen products. Guide to Mobile, BigData, Cloud, IoT, VR, Wearables, Telematics, 5G.

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