• Akshay Budhwani

    Akshay Budhwani

  • Hady هادي

    Hady هادي

    #Lebanese #Brazilian @AUBalumni Barca Fan living in #Riyadh #football #Mobile #digital #social #smart #life #wearables Live life like a Marathon not a sprint

  • h@shtalk


    soc analyst serving tech bites as articles.

  • Jing Ji

    Jing Ji

  • Andrew Daga

    Andrew Daga

  • Luca Pertile

    Luca Pertile

    Snr Data Scientist @ 7Bridges . AI, Machine Learning and Functional Programming enthusiast.

  • Sharon Kaur

    Sharon Kaur

    Medical Technology/Coding/Software Programming/SchoolofCodeBootcamp. Multilingual. Dancer & Choreographer.

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